Betty's Beaded Creations

Specializing in Traditional and Non-Traditional Glass Beadwork

Moose Antler Cabachon with Red Bay Labrador Quill Fringe

Betty John is a self taught Mi'kmaq artist who specializes in high quality glass beadwork in both traditional and contemporary styles. Her dream catchers, beaded tapestries and jewellery all reflect her native ancestry. Bead by bead she creates earrings, necklaces, cuffs and barrettes as well as elaborate regalia.

Betty's contemporary designed jewellery combines the painstaking skills of exquisite traditional work with a fashionable flair for colour and unique textures. Her Trinity necklace is a memorable pairing of a slice of hot pink agate surrounded by bead embroidery and finished with branch fringe. She also works with cabochons, pearls and crystals

Betty's Beaded Creations offers unique jewellery and beaded art that embodies the Mi'kmaq culture. Significantly, some designs feature an eight-pointed star, the symbol of the original seven districts of the Mi'kmaq Nation with the addition of K'Taqamkuk or Newfoundland, The Big Shore.

Traditional beaded pendants, earrings and cuffs feature bold geometric patterns and vibrant colours while the contemporary jewellery features unique designs, textures and semi precious stones. Extraordinary dream catchers are created from horsehair making them treasured keepsakes.

With countless hours of experience in the art of beading, she is always trying new things or incorporating new items into her work. All of her crafts are hand made and are not to be confused with mass-produced imitations. Each piece is made from the finest Miyuki Glass Seed Beads, nymo thread and embellished with a variety of items such as Moose Antler, Porcupine Quills, Czech Fire Polished Beads or Semi-precious Stones.

Stop by often, this site will be updated with new items posted as I create them. If you don't see it ...ask me for it! I will try my best to make something for YOU
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My work was choosen to be used as a prop on the CTV show Nikita!!!

The producers wanted two Indian Girl Necklaces for an episode for the new season which premiered October 2012.  My work was used as a focal point in the story!

Here are a few screen shots from the show Nikita and the episode "Innocence" that features my Indian Girl Necklace:







Updated - December 31, 2014